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The Charlie Baker Sneaker

The Charlie Baker Sneaker by semifold

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The World is Black and White

Or maybe it’s just many shades of gray…

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The Rainbow Wingtip

The Rainbow Wingtip by semifold

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The Connected Sweater

The Connected Sweater by semifold

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The Dessert Boot

An easy way to remember the difference between a Dessert Boot and a desert boot is that a Dessert Boot has more Ss, and you always want more Dessert.

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When I first arrived in Boston, I came across some oddly worded stickers that were present on some of the doors of the MBTA’s Red Line, “These doors do not recycle.” I did some research and responded to what I saw as vague and potentially dangerous.

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Six paper towel dispensers were obtained from Boeing Surplus, all of which still had paper in them.
Six trees were located in Bellingham, Washington that had nails in them.
An approximation was made of how much usable wood was in each tree and the converted to how many wood products each tree could make. 150,000 toothpicks, 3000 baseball bats, 90,000 newspapers, etc.
The remaining paper in each dispenser was unrolled, the units for each specific tree were written on it, then rolled back up.
The dispensers were then placed on their respective trees early in the morning.

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Lamar Odom

“It’s been a learning experience. Kobe competes at a high level every night, and the only thing he asks of you is to do the same. Of course he’s demanding, but when you’re playing with a player like him, you have a championship in mind. To win a championship is confrontational—that’s the word I try to use around here with this team, that we have to be confrontational. Kobe is great at accepting confrontation, in accepting each challenge.”

—Lamar Odom, 2007

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I hacked a late-90s era inkjet printer to “print” blank pages at random intervals between five and fifteen minutes. The printer was submitted to a show entitled “Print!” where it sat a corner of the gallery.

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