I am an artist, a businessman, a busartist, an artissman.

Maybe someday, this will be written in the third person, as if I didn’t write it myself.

I cut my teeth in Seattle during the .com era, before heading to college to pursue a BA in Fine Art, an MFA in Studio Art, and an MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

Along the way, I helped the subway system in Boston become safer, got my first black eye, and perfected recipes for kale chips and sloppy joe sauce. I worked for the largest company in the world, consulted for some of the smallest, and started a company that designed and manufactured a few pairs of shoes, some knitwear, and experimental garments.

2013 sees my residence return to the city of my birth, Portland, Oregon, for the first time since I was six months old. I’m looking forward to getting to know the city, eating tons of food, and finding the brick with my name on it at Pioneer Square Courthouse.

I tweet infrequently.
I Kickstart things related to footwear, cycling, raw food, and professional wrestling.
I create absurd YouTube videos.
I make things look good on retina displays.
I can be contacted here.