Manifesting Manifestos

I constructed a portable “white box” gallery and placed it in a highly trafficked area of Bellingham, Washington. On the walls of the inside of the space were a grid of numbers, on the outside of the space was a large bin, filled with polypropylene spheres. Each sphere had a number on one side and a word on the other. As people approached the space, they were silently offered a single sphere and a marker. People quickly deduced that they were to enter the space, find the number, and write the word. Despite the fact that it was never suggested, most people decided to write their words in more creative ways than their normal handwriting.

Over the course of six hours, every sphere was used, and the text of an art manifesto was complete. The next day the portable gallery was reconfigured so each surface faced outward, allowing greater access to the text. The statement was then discussed with anyone who wanted to interact.




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